Mergers and Acquisitions

Red Med Finance provides its customers with expertise on a complete range of services, including:

  • Industry perspectives
  • Market analysis and competitive positioning
  • Strategic advisory
  • Industrial development solutions
  • Coordination between stakeholders (legal and tax advisors, auditors, bankers…)
  • Business Plan Modeling
  • Evaluation of companies for mergers, acquisitions or sales
  • Assistance in negotiations with counterparts
  • Management of equity / debt-raising process

Capital markets

Red Med Finance assists its clients throughout the complex tender process through a comprehensive range of services:

  • Strategic Study and identification of the transactions objectives
  • Company evaluation and determining appropriate transactions price range
  • Obtaining the necessary permits from market regulators
  • Coordinating communication plans
  • Selecting brokers upon evaluation of skills and fees
  • Constitution of a distributing syndicate

Strategy Consulting

The experience of Red Med Finance allows us to carry out the various steps related to strategy consulting, such as :

  • Sector analysis and benchmarking
  • Critical analysis of a business model
  • Analysis of options concerning financial and legal structuring
  • Business plan and valuation
  • Assisting clients with tenders and/or concessions identification and submittals including negotiations with the relevant stakeholders
  • Assisting clients in the development and implementation of their CSR activities


Red Med Finance provides advising on finding and optimizing funding sources. The independent nature of Red Med Finance enables it to negotiate the best terms and conditions for financing arrangements with numerous financial institutions and the stock exchange.

Red Med Finance assists its customers at every stage of the process :

  • Choosing the right instruments to be issued depending on market opportunities
  • Dealing with legal and tax components

Red Med Finance specializes in the following financing operations :

  • Financing of acquisitions
  • Financing of growth
  • Recapitalization
  • Capital financing restructuration


Our proven track record in this sector and our knowledge of the key players make it possible for us to offer clients high added value services such as :

  • Assessing and negotiating optimal transfer mechanisms to meet the needs of both the government and purchasers
  • Advising clients throughout the privatization and company valuation process, according to its characteristics and business environment (regulatory framework, competition…)
  • Assisting clients when negotiating key components of the transfer (terms of sales, shareholder agreement, future regulatory requirements…)
  • Providing recommendations on optimum conditions for growing a company’s business following its privatization