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Red Med Securities is a brokerage firm offering its clients a wide range of investment solutions: trading and placement of securities, IPO, capital transaction, etc.

Our financial advisors strive to identify objectively the best investment opportunities for our clients.

Red Med Securities is a client-focused organization, whose primary motivation is to provide a customized service that combines quality, operational excellence, attentiveness, integrity and discretion.

A high value-added service:

Our client typology


Local and foreign institutional clients


Legal entities


International brokers



Our solutions

Stock market intermediation

Red Med Securities provides stock market investment advice to its clients to assist them with trading in real time on the Casablanca Stock Exchange.

Online stock exchange

Red Med Securities offers its clients an electronic trading platform (mobile and desktop) providing them with real time monitoring and execution in the best conditions.

Management under contract

Red Med Securities acts as a professional agent, bound by an obligation of means, that of making your savings grow in accordance with your investment horizon and your risk profile.

Account management

A securities account with Red Med Securities allows the client to intervene directly in the market and to manage his/her own portfolio while benefiting from the assistance of an investment advisor.

Services to issuers

Placing of securities on the primary market (IPO, capital transactions, etc.)
Management of buyback programs, liquidity contracts and market operations.

Our team