Fund characteristics

Creation date : 28/05/2019
Depositary bank : BCP
Classification : Diversifié
Currency : MAD
Liquidity : Weekly
Subscribers : Grand Public

Investment strategy of the fund

The FCP will permanently invest up to 60% of its assets, excluding equity UCITS securities and cash, in equities, investment certificates and allotment or subscription rights, listed on the Casablanca Stock Exchange or on any regulated market.

And at no time may it invest up to 90% of its assets, excluding bond UCITS securities, cash and receivables representing repurchase agreements that it carries out as a transferee, in debt securities.

The FCP may also invest part of its assets in units or shares of UCITS and in securities of OPCCs and FPCTs, in compliance with the regulations in force.

In addition, the fund may invest a maximum of 10% of its net assets in foreign currency transactions, within the limits, rules and conditions of the regulations in force.